About Me

I am a freelancer based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, and a University of Westminster, Ba Photography graduate. 


Due to studying photography for 8 years, my photography portfolio is extremely broad and varied due to experimentation. Through learning all of the different styles and genres I discovered that my passion and work goal lies within architectural and interior photography. 

However, I do love street photography - food markets being my number one place to go to for this, and also taking people's portraits whether it is formal or informal.


I prefer to use DSLR for my work but I do not shy away from experimenting with film on the side.

The reason why I love photography and working on projects is that it is a unique way for people to express themselves and a perfect medium for people to be able to experiment by pushing their comfort zones. Having a camera in my hand gives me the confidence to talk to people I would never normally approach, go to places that I would never venture to for any other reason, and experiment with ideas and products that would make no sense without a camera. 

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