Twenty Four London

During the second year of university, I took part in an exhibition module which consisted of creating and curating our own exhibition with a private view. 


Our main aim was giving young artists, under the age of 24 and based in London, the chance to showcase their work that had not been exhibited before. Giving them the practice of having their work suitable for a gallery space and the opportunity to get their work out into the world. 


I did not contribute any photographic work for this module as I wanted to put all my efforts into being the head coordinator for my group. I was in charge of finding a venue that was suitable and was the main correspondent between the gallery and my group. I took on the responsibility of organising our finances and running our social media pages, including Instagram and Facebook. I also created our own website that had all details of the artists within the exhibition, what we were about, and where to find us. When it came to the main event it was all hands on deck and I helped set up the gallery space, following our sketch up design of where all the work should be hung and formulating the catering side of the gallery. 


The smaller responsibilities that I contributed to were finding sponsorship, hunting for artists and purchasing all the drink and food. 


Overall this project was one of my biggest successes and I thoroughly enjoyed trying out the role of an exhibition curator.